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Finding Christ Anew Today – Together

An intentional community inspired by the spirit of the Second Vatican Council, living as the Body of Christ in the world today, building the Beloved Community.

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We are community

Come walk with us in the development of an inclusive and welcoming intentional community that supports its members in living as compassionate disciples of Jesus. We call ourselves the Servants’ Entrance Community. A community focused on living as the Body of Christ on a collaborative journey of engaged adult faith formation and humble service. We do not actually live together in one “village”, but intentionally interact through virtual and physical means as a community towards a shared vision and mission with common values.   In the spirit of the first century disciples, we are a network of house churches supporting one another as community.  Most members belong to parishes as well, but find the community gives them additional support. We continue to explore how we can help parishes network with one another to build synergy in living out our collective mission of building the Beloved Community.

The House Church concept

A House Church is something that had a beginning in the early Church after the Resurrection of Jesus, where small numbers of people who believed in Jesus would gather at someone’s home. They would read their Hebrew scriptures and then the leader would offer an Agape meal and bread and wine and all would share it in “memory of Jesus”. In our current form, individuals or groups come together for a prayer service using supporting video. The video service includes music, a prayer, a Liturgy of the Word, time for scripture reflection and sharing, and prayers of the faithful. The group can pause for their own reflection and prayers, can share a meal if they wish, and then resume the video to conclude with a closing prayer, blessing and song.

family in front of house

Options for House Churches

It is actually quite simple. House Churches can be any number of configurations. It could be a single person, a couple, a family or a small group of friends who would gather at their agreed upon time for the Servants’ Entrance House Church prayer service in person or virtually. It could even be several homes coming together virtually using connection software like Zoom. The videos can be found each week at the same location on this site. The intent is to bring our discipleship and faith into our homes in a very real way. The pandemic has ushered in this action, but it has always been an accepted and encouraged practice of creating small groups within the larger church. To be clear, the SE community is not its own parish or church, but supports people across several churches to create small groups to support one another.

How often? House Church gatherings can be every week or as often as the individual House Church decides to gather. But we offer the videos weekly.

How do I do it? It’s simple enough, just sign up at the link up top. If you want to be in a group, but don’t know others, just let us know. The House Church Team will work on helping to set up the House Church groups, prepare the weekly video(s) and communications.

Let’s try this …

We want to be together and we are ready to try something new to both grow in faith and stay community when the pandemic is keeping us apart.